Wheat as a metaphor for life, death and rebirth

Ivan Di Palma is a farmer, a philosophy graduate, who has chosen to return to his homeland in Atena Lucana, in the Cilento, Alburni and Vallo di Diano National Park, to dedicate himself to sowing the 'grains of the future', together with a group of cronies and companions.

 Teresa Vallone is an elderly woman, a farmer who as a young woman chose to emigrate to Germany, abandoning the land to improve the living conditions of her children.

Their stories intertwine following the cycle of the seasons and the life of a grain of wheat, from sowing to reaping in the year of the pandemic, questioning themselves about the past, the present but above all about the future of the land to leave to their children.


Director: Sara Manisera

Subject and screenplay: Sara Manisera

Photography: Arianna Pagani

Produced by: Sara Manisera, Arianna Pagani

Editing: Mattia Biancucci

Sound Design: Alessio Festuccia

Original music: Paolo Spaccamonti

Colour: Alfredo Milano

Graphics and animation: Maria Tortorella

Camera: Arianna Pagani, Ruben Lagattolla

Scenic Images: Giuseppe Pellegrino

Special Thanks

Ivan Di Palma
Teresa Vallone

Antonio Pellegrino

Rosangela Addesso

Valentina Arienzo

La Cumpa Rete

In collaboration with
Parco Nazionale del Cilento Vallo di Diano e Alburni
Fondazione MIDA
Comune di Auletta
FADA Collective
Domus Otium
Monte Frumentario
Cascina Caremma